Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Land Theft in Second Life

I had two adjacent parcels of land for sale. a 1024 and a 512. the 512 was getting no interest so I decided to merge the two plots together.

I went into edit land, selected both plots and joined them.

Suddenly ppl started rezzing on the land, I realised something must be wrong with the land price and quick as I could poped up the land dialog and tried to take the new merged plot off the market.

Too Late! The plot had changed hands twice in less than a second (literally). The first buyer had bought the land for just under 2L$ a sqm, doubled the price and sold it instantly. The second buy was in the act of putting the land up for sale again to a 3rd person when I rushed in and managed to put the brakes on.

What had happened is the merge operation had put the new parcel of land on the market at the price of the smallest plot. A 1536 plot of land for sale at just over 3000L$ !

I managed to get all the participants together on the plot and spent the next hour getting all the transactions reversed (many thanks to all the other mentors for helping me out, especially Weedy).

What was very weird is all the buyers and sellers seemed to know each other, and from chatting with the other mentors it seems there are a few people who exploit mistakes with the land tools and usually get away with it (usually its impossible to fix as the land changes hands so many times so quickly).

It was quite amazing to see, the land went from under my nose and changed hands twice in less time than i could bring up the about land dialog. I am just thankful that I managed to get it all sorted out in the end and I strongly suspect that had I not been a SL Mentor, the result would have been very different.

What I would like changed to prevent this happening :

When you make any change to the area of a parcel of land, it is set to 'not for sale' - So joins and splits take the resulting parcel(s) off the market.

Hopefully this will get a positive response on the Second Life Answers Forum Edit land thats for sale = land theft.