Friday, June 16, 2006

SL LUG 21st June : Hacks & Magic

The next meeting of the SL LUG will take place on Wednesday 21st June, 12pm SLT (8pm BST, 9pm CET) at Maryport (182,150) (Find -> Events -> check upcoming -> search for 'Linux').

SL Hacks & Scripts

Topic for discussion is 'SL Hacks & Scripts', so, try out some of the scripts the community has come up with and share your experiences at the next meeting. Some good scripts to start you off include : #secondlifelug

We have registered an IRC channel on freenode for the the SL LUG members. We felt it appropriate that the LUG get a separate channel as we intend on looking at streaming chat from inworld SL LUG meetings to the channel (May provide good way for people to listen in on the meeting, if they are unable to attend in person). If you join us on the channel, please register your nick.

Discuss the upcoming meeting, or anything related to the SL LUG on the SL Forum : SL LUG 21st June : Hacks & Magic.