Tuesday, May 16, 2006

SL LUG 20th May : Lets Get Logo!

The next meeting of the SL LUG will take place on Saturday 20th May, 12pm SLT (8pm GMT, 9pm CET) at Maryport (182,150) (Find -> Events -> check upcoming -> search for 'Linux').

Lets Get Logo!

Its high time the SL LUG had a well designed logo. So if you have any ideas, design skills and are prepared to commit a little time (please bring examples of previous work), or just want to have your say come to the meeting. The actual designer of the logo will be picked by the group at a later meeting and given as much time as required.

As usual there will be plenty of informal banter about things relating to running Second Life on Linux, Linux in general and almost anything else you care to bring up. Group is very newbie friendly, if a little techie at times :)

Discuss the upcoming meeting, or anything related to the LUG on the SL Forum : SL LUG 20th May : Lets Get Logo!.


At 1:25 pm, Anonymous Dana Strauss said...

Awww...I thought from the title someone had written a version of the LOGO programming language for Second Life. :)

At 3:09 pm, Blogger ninjafoo Ng said...

*giggles No, you but can use FORTH

SL Forum : LSL based FORTH interpretor.


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