Tuesday, May 09, 2006

SL LUG 13th May : New Newness! (or not!)

The next meeting of the SL LUG will take place on Saturday 13th May, 12pm SLT (8pm GMT, 9pm CET) at Maryport (182,150). As usual you can find the location using the find (Events -> check upcoming -> search for 'Linux')

New Newness!

Nothing planned for this meeting other than to discuss the wonderful new client, the new features and how the Linux port faired. Second Life 1.9.1 is due to be released on Wednesday so fingers crossed it all goes to plan and we get don't get left out. The Preview does contain a lot of very exciting new features, so expect lots of illuminated floppies!

Next Week

No competition / planned event for this week as we will have more than enough to talk about (hopefully). The following meeting (pencilled in for the 20th) I want to talk about / get ideas concerning a logo for the SL LUG. You have a week and a half to get those creative juices flowing :D

Discuss the upcoming meeting, or anything related to the LUG on the SL Forum : SL LUG 13th May : New Newness! (or not!).


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