Monday, May 22, 2006

Shameless Plug

Someone said on the SL forums that LSL is great, until you try to do just about anything with it.

They weren't kidding. To a dedicated OOP fanatic like myself, working with LSL feels like one hack after another. A project of any size rapidly feels like a huge collection of workarounds. I can only hope that things will improve when Mono is finally implemented. It's little wonder scripters are few and far between.

Anyway, My first product release is a script to control the shade,tint and translucency of your windows. Create a prim for all your windows, link them together, and drop my script and config file into the root prim.

You (and a named list of other users) can then adjust your windows just by clicking on them and using the menu. Everything can be configured (right down to defining your own custom list of window shades), works with all prim types, and you can easily make your windows 'One-Way'.

The price is L$250 and includes on site support. Yes, that really does mean I will come to your property and help you one on one if you need it.

You can pick up a copy at SL Boutique, SL Exchange or in world at FooRoo - Milyang 72,187,54.


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