Sunday, April 02, 2006

SL LUG Meet 8th April - T-Shirt Competition!

Following on from the last SL LUG meeting. we need a selection of Linux themed T-Shirts to place in the freebie box. Far to many people are wandering around in that fugly gray sweater!

So, At the next meeting of the SL LUG we are going to have a little T-Shirt competition.

Things like distro logo's, tux's, Linux / geek humor ("My Other T-Shirts Your Windows Box" etc etc). What ever you fancy.

1000 Linden prize for the one the group votes as the best!!

Competition Rules

  • As these are for the freebie box, you must be prepared to let your creations free into the world as copy + mod + xfer.

  • As file upload on the Linux client is broken at this time, you will have to use the Windows one, Wine 0.9.9+ works (Failing that, rebooting just to upload isn't going to kill you)

  • The group will vote on the winner, in the event of a tie the prize will be spilt between all the winners. You cannot vote for yourself.

Tutorial Links

If you have any further questions, or need any help, this post is mirrored on the SL Forum : SL LUG Meet 8th April - T-Shirt Competition! - 1000L$ Prize!.


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