Saturday, April 01, 2006

Capturing SL Linux Video

Following on from Rizzermon Sopor's post on the SL Forum (Linux User Group Movie). Because the overhead of the Second Life client and gvidcap resulted in a poor framerate he cooked up a little script to dump a series of screenshots from the Second Life client window using xwd.

As its a lazy Saturday morning, I decided to give gvidcap a blast before resorting to anything scripty. It took quite a bit of tweaking the settings, but I have been able to capture video at a respectable 15fps with the Second Life client running at around 12fps (In the same area as I as was recording, the Second Life client normally runs at just over 40fps).

Set your Second Life client to run 800x600, crank up gvidcap and open the prefrences dialogue ( the box with a file name) and make your options something like the following:- Frames per Second : 15, Filename
: capture.mpeg, Max Frames : 0, Video Codec : MPEG4, Image Quality :100, Use shared Memory : Yes.

For best results I recomend you save the video to your fastest HD and place the Second Life client cache on a ram drive (See my previous post Make the most of your RAM).


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