Sunday, April 23, 2006

SL LUG 29th April - GPG Part 2 & Best Robot

The next meeting of the SL LUG will take place on Saturday 29th April, 12pm SLT (8pm GMT, 9 pm CET) at Maryport (182,150). As usual you can find the location using the find (Events -> check upcoming -> search for 'Linux')

Dale Glass giving a talk on GPG at the redesigned SL LUG meeting point

The redesigned meeting place with better seating and a stage for presentations went down very well, it still needs some tweaks (and perhaps some more / different seating poses).

If you have any comments or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact myself (ninjafoo Ng). Also, if you have an AV with specific seating requirements we are more than willing to set you a reserved seat fitted with a pose of your choice.

GPG - Part 2

The next meeting will feature the second installment of Dale's talk on GPG, where he will be covering the use of GPG in practice.

'Best Robot' Competition - L$1000 prize!

This weeks competition will be for the 'Best Robot'. It can be an AV, model, something scripted or anything else you can classify as a robot.

Competition Rules

  • Models of robots must be set as an attachement due to prim restrictions.

  • Your entry can come from any source : buy, beg, borrow or build.

  • Your entry needs to be no larger than a 10M x 10M x 10M cube - Any bigger and its simply wont fit on the stage!

  • The group will vote on the winner, in the event of a tie the prize will be spilt between all the winners. You cannot vote for yourself. Prize money will be awarded at the meeting.

Discuss the upcoming meeting, or anything related to the LUG on the SL Forum : SL LUG Meet Saturday 29 April - GPG Part 2 + 'Best Robot' Competition.

Best Dress Competition

Best Dress competition entries. From left to right : Angel Sunset, ninjafoo Ng and Zi Ree
There were 3 entries to the 'Best Dress' competition. From left to right : Angel Sunset, ninjafoo Ng and Zi Ree.

Congratulations go to Angel Sunset who wowed the audience and took the prize with a clear majority of the votes.

I spent the remainder of the evening in my big red dress. Well, you can't buy a dress like that and only wear it once :D

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

SL LUG 22nd April - GPG & Best Dress

The next meeting of the SL LUG will take place in a few short days time as we get back to our usual Saturday meeting slot (12AM SLT at Maryport (182,150) In world : Find -> Events -> check upcoming -> search for 'Linux')

This week we hope to have a talk on GPG by Dale, will update this post with details as I get them.

This weeks competition is for the 'Best Dress' - yes, that means exactly what you think it means, bigger is obviously better, there is L$1000 for the winner! So get shopping!

Competition Rules

  • You are NOT allowed to change the gender of your avatar from what it is normally.

  • The group will vote on the winner, in the event of a tie the prize will be spilt between all the winners. You cannot vote for yourself.

The T-Shirt competition prize was shared between Drake Bacon and Zi Ree. All the T-Shirts are now in the LUG freebie box, enjoy!

In the meantime, get over to the SL Forum : SL LUG Meet Saturday 22nd April - GPG Talk + 'Best Dress' Competition L$1000 Prize

Monday, April 10, 2006

SL LUG Meet 18th April

The upcoming SL LUG meeting has been moved from its usual Saturday spot to Tuesday 18th of April at the slightly later time of 3PM SLT (11PM BST) due to Easter weekend.

We decided at the last meeting to extend the deadline for the T-Shirt competition, as it turns out most don't read the SL Linux Forum! Anyway, this gives you a few extra days to work on your entries, you can read the rules on the SL Forum : T-Shirt Competition! - 1000L$ Prize!.

In other SL LUG related news, ninjafoo Ng (thats me!) and Zi Ree have recently been added as 'Linux Client Users' group officers, so if you have any questions regarding the LUG, the weekly meetings, or events (or are just wanting to chat), give us a shout :)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Second Life 1.9.0(21)

An optional update to the client has been released for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Many thanks to Karen Linden for letting us has the Linux client as soon as it was ready :)
Karen Linden:
I can just post it now....but no one has really tried it much yet, except for installing. Have fun!

As usual this update fixes a number of cross platform issues (SL Forum : Second Life 1.9.0(21) Release Notes). There are no Linux specific updates in this release, however, it's worth updating all that same as this release fixes trees stealing focus (very annoying!).

I recomend everyone uses Zonax Delorean's SL Alpha Installer Script to get and install the client for you.

Community Classifieds Web Interface

The Second Life Community Classified Adverts are now available via the web, you can browse the categories page by page and filter for PG or mature content. All the adverts link through to SLurl.

It's a real shame there is no search (the new google powered Second Life site search does not index the classifieds), you cannot see how many pages of classifieds there actually are, and the navigation is limited to previous page / next page. All in all it's a nice start, but really needs to see some basic enchancements before it will be of any real use.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

SL LUG Meet 8th April - T-Shirt Competition!

Following on from the last SL LUG meeting. we need a selection of Linux themed T-Shirts to place in the freebie box. Far to many people are wandering around in that fugly gray sweater!

So, At the next meeting of the SL LUG we are going to have a little T-Shirt competition.

Things like distro logo's, tux's, Linux / geek humor ("My Other T-Shirts Your Windows Box" etc etc). What ever you fancy.

1000 Linden prize for the one the group votes as the best!!

Competition Rules

  • As these are for the freebie box, you must be prepared to let your creations free into the world as copy + mod + xfer.

  • As file upload on the Linux client is broken at this time, you will have to use the Windows one, Wine 0.9.9+ works (Failing that, rebooting just to upload isn't going to kill you)

  • The group will vote on the winner, in the event of a tie the prize will be spilt between all the winners. You cannot vote for yourself.

Tutorial Links

If you have any further questions, or need any help, this post is mirrored on the SL Forum : SL LUG Meet 8th April - T-Shirt Competition! - 1000L$ Prize!.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Capturing SL Linux Video

Following on from Rizzermon Sopor's post on the SL Forum (Linux User Group Movie). Because the overhead of the Second Life client and gvidcap resulted in a poor framerate he cooked up a little script to dump a series of screenshots from the Second Life client window using xwd.

As its a lazy Saturday morning, I decided to give gvidcap a blast before resorting to anything scripty. It took quite a bit of tweaking the settings, but I have been able to capture video at a respectable 15fps with the Second Life client running at around 12fps (In the same area as I as was recording, the Second Life client normally runs at just over 40fps).

Set your Second Life client to run 800x600, crank up gvidcap and open the prefrences dialogue ( the box with a file name) and make your options something like the following:- Frames per Second : 15, Filename
: capture.mpeg, Max Frames : 0, Video Codec : MPEG4, Image Quality :100, Use shared Memory : Yes.

For best results I recomend you save the video to your fastest HD and place the Second Life client cache on a ram drive (See my previous post Make the most of your RAM).