Thursday, March 02, 2006

Nice to know....

Well, it's good to know where the Linux Second Life client stands in the grand scheme of things over at Linden labs. It looked so promising only yesterday, the update was released for all 3 platforms and it looked like it would only be a short while before the alpha status would be revoked.

But it was to much to soon, turned out there was a rather nasty glitch in the new client, was released for Windows and MacOS as an optional update (no Linux update, but we're alpha so no worries).

Withen a couple of hours the new release was flagged as mandatory, and you guessed it, still no Linux update. A Linden was spotted saying "We have a couple of other builds to do first, but this one will definitely be done sometime in the next week.".

No appology, no explanation, no notification, nothing. Just no Second Life on Linux till somebody gets round to it.

As I say, nice to know where us Linux users stand. Now where did I put that Windows CD....... :(


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