Friday, March 31, 2006

Make the most of your RAM

One thing I did try recently with the Second Life Linux alpha client, was to set the cache to 500mb and replacing the cache folder with a link to /dev/shm - Essentially putting the cache in a ram drive. If you don't have a ram drive - its a kernel thing, see your distro.

Now, as the cache is cleared every time the Linux client is started, you can probably get away with a 50mb - 200mb cache depending on how long your play sessions are. (You can use df -h to see how much ram the cache is actually using)

Made quite a difference when returning to an area that has been loaded previously, the world geometry reloads noticeably faster. You still have to everywhere to get the textures back, but as they're coming from ram it is much quicker.

If you have any joy, post your results in the SL Forum : Tips for the SL Linux Client thread.


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