Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Linux 1.9.0 Might Miss Deadline

Karen Linden has posed on the SL Forums (Linux 1.9.0 is in the works...) that the Linux client might miss the Wednesday (15th March) deadline for being updated to 1.9.0 (a mandatory update that includes a grid update).

It has been confirmed that the Linux client does not have its own developer, and that the dev who did most of the work to get the Linux ball rolling is busy with other projects. There is no set date for his return although it should be "soon".

So, if the Linux client builds without a hitch it will be released on Wednesday. It will almost certainly not contain any Linux specific bug fixes.

Maybe I'm to much of a skeptic, but it reads to me like the Linux build was pushed by a very small number of devs, Linden labs just don't take it seriously enough to devote any real resources to it and it will have to live with an "if and when" attitude toward development.

Its been over a month now and aside from a couple of required updates (that we might not have got if we didn't scream when they pulled the plug) there has been no progress on the Linux client. Every bug that existed on day one is still present.

I supposed I'm just concerned that if Linden Labs don't (or are not seen to) take the Linux client seriously, Linux users wont, Linden Labs won't see enough uptake to justify committing resources and the Linux Client will end up little more than lip service.

Maybe I'm just far to addicted and all this uncertainty has filled my wellies with poo.

A separate thread has been started by Zi Ree to discuss the announcement - SL Forum : SL 1.9 Linux alpha client news.


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